Monday, March 9, 2009


As a college student, I am taking basic classes; eng101, ma07, and among them, intro to human communications. I recieved an assignment from my professor which instructed me to watch a speech sometime a few weeks ago by president Obama, and then write a response on it. I didn't watch the speech, and contemplated on what I should write for my assignment. This is what I ended up turning in. I will update when I recieve a grade and or response.

I am going to take a very honest approach in writing this response. I find that lying makes me rather anxious and nervous- in addition the simple fact that I am simply not a good liar. But moving along, two things that provoke serious irritation within me include; 1.) television, and 2.) politics. Although I was at my place of employment the night Obama’s speech was aired, I am going to be honest in saying that even if I had the day off, I probably would have not watched it anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a Mormon, nor do I live under a rock. I am fully aware of the basic logistics concerning the United States politics. I also know how to operate a remote control. However, I feel that I simply have better things to do; such as completing schoolwork, meditating, and creating an artistic masterpiece; rather than sitting in front of an animated box for an hour, listening to someone speak about the demise of our government.

I am a firm believer in the notion that actions speak louder than words. President Obama is a very educated man and articulate speaker. He conveys a strong message and he does it while looking rather stylish. I, however, can say the same for myself. Give me a freshly starched oxford shirt and about half an hour with a thesaurus, and I could sell water to a fish. I respect Obama, and the change that he wants to promote within our country. I feel that his motives are genuine, and his concern is for the people. However, like I previously stated, I become irritated when so much time, money, and effort is placed into the broadcasting of TALKING about change, rather than BEING about it. Perhaps if a lot of our politicians stepped away from their mirrors for a minute, and just put their speeches into a course of action, this reform may happen a bit sooner. Personally, I am rubbed the wrong way by people- civilians- that sit there and complain about all of the corruption within our government. These same people, that when you ask them what they are doing personally to change what has gone wrong, just give you a death look. I mean, come on. Me, myself- I have a little issue about some weight that I would like to lose. However, I am currently not following a course of action to lose the weight, and therefore, there is no one to blame but myself. In jest, there is also no reason to complain. Unless I do something about it, and fail- there is nothing I can say. Like the old saying goes, if nothing changes, then nothing changes. It is up to me to change the things around me that I am not happy with, and not necessarily broadcasting it to the public while in the process.

To me, politics is like socially acceptable doses of drama for the adult population. Politicians, in my eyes, are just attention seeking control freaks who maybe didn’t get hugged enough as a child. Maybe, in middle school, they didn’t get elected for class president and this is their quest for revenge. Or perhaps their parents never allowed them to get that cool new haircut back in high school, and they never recovered from the emotional trauma.

But anyway, I realize that this didn’t exactly follow the guidelines of the assignment. However, I hope that my heartfelt account of personal honesty regarding politics and humanity in general will be sufficient. You can’t win them all, after all.

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